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The Exolution of Woman “The Movement” A safe, God Ordained place for Healing, Deliverance, Support and Empowerment for Her! Exolution indicates a Divine release!

Hi, I am your servant leader, Ambassador Tracye Frank. I am sent to “women on the front lines of life to connect them with reservoirs of spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and financial blessing! Oh yes, I’m passionate about assisting women in their multi-faceted roles and challenges! Could it be you are a woman who is simply doing too much, and can figure out the who, what, when, where and how to cut back?  Humm Humph, I have been that Queen Busy Bee before too! Life sure enough ejected SEVERAL curve balls in my court forcing me to come face to face death on a few occasions until I made the commitment to align with my God ordained purpose! I am super excited to offer you 39 years of cumulative Divine impartations and downloads which frame this movement!

Her Fusion 6 –week online empowerment cycle coaching

The Spirit of Truth will reveal what is necessary to establish God’s order in your life, IF that is your desire and you are willing to take the MASK OFF!  Women on the front lines, running, crawling, carrying burden’s they were never designed to have on their hearts, backs and shoulders and wounded! Some of us took hits and never realized it until we it was impossible to ignore any longer!  Whatever the case this journey is about taking band-aids off deep wounds and tramas and administering the balm of Gilead!

None of us have it all together, but from that which we have overcome we can be used by God to minister to others! Let me say this, I would not ask you to take your mask off without sharing my unmasking journey with you. Trust me, I have some anointed overflow for my sisters and their realm of influence!

You must be willing to be completely honest and transparent to achieve the maxim benefit from this journey! The journey is not for the faint at heart who don’t want to delve into uncomfortable territory.  It is for those who want to identify and eliminate the barrier’s which hinder their alignment with the will of God for their life. The Grace of God is enough for those who will make the commitment to do the work.  You will adequately prepared to choose to live a Spirit filled life, as an exoluted woman after joining this movement!

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