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Elder Darral frank

Elder Darral Frank was born on December 13, 1962 at 0847 am. I am the third child of Wilfred Frank Sr and Loretta Jean Frank who was a preacher and an Evangelist. Born at Gardena Memorial Hospital in the city of Gardena, California. Although I shared my mother’s womb with my twin sister Debra Denise Frank this was an unusual birth technologically speaking. The use of ultrasounds was not prevalent and there was no way of knowing that after trying for a boy the 3rd time and being told you have a son that eight minutes later another Dr. stating you have a daughter. Mr. Frank stated make up your mind Doc, is it a boy or girl? Mr. Frank you have a boy and girl. By all means he fainted. Born the only male of 7 children and in the middle. I began my journey early asking questions and eager to learn. I went to Head start at the early age of 5 at a church on 105 and Avalon. One of my teacher’s favorite students due to my eagerness to learn. I had a decent upbringing in the city of watts, Ca. I went to 107th Street elementary school, until moving to 28th street in the city of Los Angeles following a separation of father and mother where I attended Nevin avenue School. I was reared up as a preacher’s child. It was a joy to go to church with my father and spend weekends with him. I was blessed to have a suit and hat the identical color of his father’s.

All the change that his father saved belonged to me, this 5-year-old kid who was for a moment rich at 5 years old especially during the sixties. I remember a time of telling my mom at the early age of 5 that I was going to be a preacher one day, what a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I lived on 28th street for 3 yrs. and had the pleasure of joining the Cub Scouts of America. In transition again I ventured another elementary school named Trinity Elementary School. We moved on 53rd and Avalon and went to 49th elementary school where I met beautiful students. Always learning could be considered my forte. From 49th Street Elementary School, finally I had some stability, graduated and went to Carver Jr. High where I participated in the PIE Program, program for intergroup education in which we studied other cultures and also went to different cultural restaurants. Following Carver Jr. High, I graduated and went to Thomas Jefferson Sr. High in 1977 where I applied for the Upward Bound a Program for High school Students with College bound potential. During this time, I was nominated Commissioner of Athletics organizing Pep rallies and also kept the stats during our football games. I was selected as one of the students with the highest credits because of the upward bound program and was able to do one semester in the 12th Grade and get out of school on the early out program and come back at the end of the semester for the graduating ceremony. I started my first job at Hobbs Menswear as a salesman. One might say that I was very outgoing due to my connection with all races of people, fun loving and always in the midst of laughter. It just was something I couldn’t get away from. I was very close with the Dean of Girls Mrs. Gross who gave me the job of being the school photographer for the first two classes in the 1st semester of the 12th grade. Student Council was my baby in which I helped organize programs and events along with my peers. In 1982 after working with B&H Carpet service taking over a position for my favorite Uncle Ronnie who fell ill. I told Barry one of the owners that I wasn’t going to work for $2.80 cent which was the minimum wage at this time and got a 20 cent raise to $3.00 a big deal back then. Walking down the street on Manchester and Vermont I saw the Arm Forces Recruiting Station and went in a tested for the Air Force but did not pass the test but did qualify for the Marines: therefore, after telling my boss I was considering going into the service. My boss chuckled at me as if to say yeah right. Well the following Monday the recruiter and Barry showed up at my house at the same time and a decision was to be made and I chose to go into the service. What a jolt for B&H Carpet Service. Following my tenure in the Corps for 3.5 years I fell among some difficult times and was Court marshalled from the Marine Corps and came home and it was a challenging time in 1985. I got addicted to Crack Cocaine as a functional addict, going to School at Adelphi Business College, selling drugs on the side and working through temporary agencies. I Landed a job at AREMCO- Angeles Real Estate Marketing Corporation as an Accountant Clerk II concentrating Company Cash and Filing, maintaining and distributing Trail balances. Being a functional addict and having a pattern of missing a few Mondays in a row I was called into the office and after being honest shared that I was addicted to drugs the company found a program for me, but this wasn’t the stint of my process. Finally, I was laid off and went through a series of trials and found a program that spoke to me after going on a wild fiasco for a month or so. I saw a commercial one night on TV saying, “We know how you got there, and we know how to bring you back”. I called and they had one bed; sound just like Jesus. I heard the Lord tell me to take my bible with me. I went in the Program and worked it and has been clean of drugs and Alcohol since May 19, 1987 34 years. Following the program, I met a young lady who would lead me to a Pentecostal church where my life would never be the same. After Joining Shiloh Life Temple COGIC and the Pastor and wife treated me like their own son due to my faithfulness. I even earned the nick name “Old Faithful”. In this ministry I came up the ranks from acting deacon to ordained deacon, then when I acknowledged my call to the ministry. I was observed for a year then licensed as a minister and then going before the board at West Angeles COGIC under the leadership of Bishop Charles E. Blake who later ordained me as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ. I was one of the top Students in my ordination class. I was 1st to finish the test in 5 minutes puzzling the Board which thought I had a question when actually I was told to go sit down that I was not finished with the Test that quick. When they received my test, they were blown away. One of the Elders said he aced it. The eldest pastor on the board Pastor: Nathaniel Tisdale said boy I want you in my church. I said to him you better start praying. Lo and behold he must could get a prayer through and had favor with God, because I ended up assisting Friendly Salem COGIC for a season. Following this juncture, I assisted Ship of Zion Church of God in Christ with my compadre Elder Charles Wright one of the men and brothers, I graduated and was ordained with. I have done extensive work in the ministry often focusing on outreach in the communities at whatever church I was residing at. I along with others have started a couple of Nonprofit Organizations with the help and assistance of people like Jan Perry, Janice Hahn and others who assisted us with health and Help fairs in the South-Central Community. I ended up supporting my elder sister and her husband as they started a ministry Chosen Christian Fellowship and was with them 11 years one of the most trying times of his life. In 2014 he I was released from that ministry after receiving a word from the Lord and began to focus on the ministry he had called me to, Which ministry I had been working on for several years and partnering with Soul-Journers for Christ Ministries doing Outreach which I never stopped participating in.

In 2012 I met Pastor Terry Stone Bishop Emeritus who became my mentor who introduced me to Dr. Smith, and a relationship grew between the two, and I joined the Word of God Institute, Loving to Learn University where I sat through 3 years of School for the Master’s Program and where I am currently working on my Doctorate. I am presently part of the association of the Word of God institute where I work with Dr. Smith at Word of God Institute, Loving to Learn University. I am currently enrolled in Haven University Bachelor of Arts and Religion Program. My goal is to continue working on the ministry which I’ve been called to oversee which is the Pool of Siloam Kingdom Empowerment Reach-Out Ministries. My passion is reaching the lost at all cost and helping people. My ministry and call are an End Time Prophet, functioning as God allows to use me when led by the Holy Spirit. But will not under no circumstance function without an unction from the Holy Spirit.

Delivering whatever I hear in secret and proclaiming it on the roof top. I am a Spirit filled soldier for the Lord operating in Word of wisdom and Word of Knowledge, operating in the gift of faith and any other gift or area where the Lord sees fit. I believe God and his word and stand on it. Heaven and earth may pass away, but God’s word will never fail. Old Faithful is my name. I am married to Tracye Frank who also operate in the prophetic, whom when the Lord put us together look for something to happen. Tracye Frank and I are currently working on perfecting our ministries individually and collectively and are focusing on the end times at present as we see an evil day approaching.

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Ambassador Tracye L. Frank

Having proven her divine gift and calling to the fivefold ministry of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and being dedicated to the ministry according to the Word of God and having met the scriptural standards as prescribed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Mrs. Tracye Frank has been prudently set apart and solemnly consecrated and ordained apostolically and (prophetically sealed) under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to function and assist in advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth. She has been divinely commissioned with a bold mantle to evangelize throughout the world by the laying on of hands, casting out demons, and making disciples of all nations in name of Jesus Christ according to and under the authority of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Tracye Frank is committed to the work of the ministry for the spiritual welfare of all people and the unity of all believers and must maintain a Godly life and moral support and integrity unto all in whom the Lord may call. Ambassador Tracye Frank is currently the Overseer of the Exolution of the Sons of God, a Non-Profit Organization in which she is assigned to steward a multifaceted transformational awakening movement through the women on the front lines of life. This ministry will positively impact the trajectory and concourse of every serious soul to which one has been assigned.

Mrs. Frank is also a contributing author of the publish writing Anthology Project “If Walls Could Talk”, Published by Glory Legacies LLC, Dr. Annette Y. Thomas, CEO.

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