Brethren Seeking Wisdom and God’s Guidance

BSWAGG is a conglomerate of ministries catering to men from the ages of 18-55, our aim is to empower men with assistive counseling, training, resource referrals, job leads in the areas of human proficiency, salvation, healing and deliverance, educational training and school and job referrals and placement. We take accountability with a Big Brother Model “Each one reach one Each one teaches one”.  We are concerned with the whole man.  Keeping in mind this is a ministry of Christ, and all are welcome, but are encouraged to be serious, open and have a teachable spirit.  Each Brother will learn how to be selfless vs selfish.  We believe humility before honor system with grace.

BSWAGG will offer weekly group meetings and individual counseling sessions for men.  The group program will provide participants a safe and confidential environment where they can learn about and share the social and emotional effects that hindered their lives and families. Through the program the participants have the opportunity to learn from the traumatic experiences of other victims and survivors and gain the tools necessary to gain strength and make positive changes to their lives.   The topics that will be offered are the following: All addictions, Anger, Anxiety, Biblical Theology, Body Image, Boundaries, Children, Clinical Disorders, Codependency, Dating, Depression, Emotions, Faith, Family, FEAR, Forgiveness, Grief, Happiness, LGBTQ, Marriage, Mental Illness, Miscarriages, Narcissism, People Pleasing, Perfectionism. Personal Development, Personality, PTSD, Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress, Sexual Abuse, Sex Addiction, Suicide and Trauma. 

BSWAGG will offer a variety of resources to our members, including Program Referrals, Clothing Donations and Bus Tokens. The program will also provide educational opportunities including, Biblical training with weekly presenters and Online courses- via Zoom and Pod Cast, (due to COVID restrictions), Biblical literature and prayer. BSWAGG will offer a yearly ceremony of completion from various programs.  We will also have Alumni Aftercare Services as needed along with a Mentorship Program to support our brothers.

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